Our New Favorite Thursday Happy Hour


***4/2011: Deal No Longer Available, Though Plans are Apparently in the Works for Some New Deals so Stay Tuned for More Info, and Cross Your Fingers That Whatever They Come Up with is as Good as This One Was!!***


When evaluating a happy hour deal we like to look for the following:

1. Great Deals on Drinks (i.e. ability to get drunk on the cheap)

2. Great Deals on Food (i.e. ability to get fat on the cheap)

3. Great Atmosphere (i.e. willingness to tolerate our loud boisterous drunken friends)


Basically – on Thursday nights the Checkers Downtown has all of these things.

Every Thursday, from 4-8pm Checkers Downtown features FOUR: a special happy hour that features a menu of food and drink items for just $4/ea. (For some reason the below flyer mentions food items at $4-$6 but they were all just $4 at our visit).

We had some time to kill before an event downtown last Thursday so we found it the perfect opportunity to try out FOUR for ourselves. The menu from our visit can be seen here.


So here’s the scoop:

Requirement #1: Regarding the booze situation:

The drinks featured last Thursday are all of the Hard-A variety (but we hear the featured $4 drink changes weekly – so it could be wine or beer the next time you go!) but they were all really tasty and really strong. We each ordered two drinks: The Old Cuban Cocktail and the Parisian Orchid. The Old Cuban was good, made with Maker’s Mark (which you could definitely taste) and very strong. The Parisian Orchid was very citrus-y and tart, which we both loved. Both options were definitely a steal for just $4/ea.

Old Cuban Cocktail - Yum!


Requirement #2: Regarding the grub situation:

The food items are all pretty small (I recommend ordering two plates per person) but some of them were really quite good. On our visit we ordered the fish tacos (V loved them), the tomato soup + grilled cheese (cheesies were standard, soup was strange & tasted like last night’s gazpacho reheated and seasoned with Tobasco), and the short rib+risotto (very delicious and comforting).

Overall $8 for two plates of good food seemed like a steal.


Requirement #3: Regarding the ambiance:

Checkers is a hotel bar. This means it caters to a slightly classier sort than us (shocking to fathom there is a classier sort than us, but alas, it’s true).

The room was filled with suit types just off work from their DT jobs, a few touristy looking people, and a handful of Happy Hour addicts like ourselves. It’s pretty swank inside and the volume didn’t exceed a 5/10 at any time.

Now given all this Checkers seemed to tolerate us pretty well. We weren’t kicked out, we weren’t shushed, not even any evil-eyes that we noticed. However, we’re pretty sure  the bartender HATED our buddy Bowser. He was obviously annoyed when Bowser asked about beer pricing (which he had to check the system to verify), he was more annoyed with Bowser’s modification of his drink order, and was extremely peeved when Bowser wanted to pay for his two drinks separately from our bill.

In the end – we’ll let this snippy attitude slide with only a slight downgrade since Bowser was already drunk when he showed up to Checkers, and as demonstrated by his nickname, Bowser tends to be the loudest of our crew of degenerates.


So cheap drinks, cheap eats, and a space that makes us feel richer & fancier than we really are: Checkers is a great happy hour spot for your downtowners.

For tonight’s menu check out their facebook page (looks like the featured bevvy tonight is WINE! yay! And how delish does that mushroom toast sound? yum yum yum).


Checkers Downtown

Los Angeles, CA, 90071

Checkers Downtown on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Our New Favorite Thursday Happy Hour

  1. SinoSoul says:

    Granted, the plates are small, but where else in LA can one find $4 foie? I mean, seriously. Order all 4 plates and a drink, and it’s still a much cheaper meal than say at.. Animal. There is a also patio to partake in this $4 non-sense. It’s the best deal in LA every Thursday, period, especially when you know where to find parking.

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