Lions, Tigers and Beers, Oh My!

I just wrote that line feeling totally original. Until I looked at last year’s post. Damnit.

In fact, it was better last year with the emphasis on beer in all caps. Oh well. Its not like you read this blog for our fine writing skill anyway. You read it because you like to get drunk. And fat. And you like to do it for cheap.

This is actually the artwork for the Nashville edition of Brew at the Zoo, but we liked it, so we’re using it.

And all of that is exactly why you should attend this event with us on August 10th:

LA’s Second Annual Brew at the Zoo!

When: Friday, August 10th, 6-10pm

What: A big ‘ol party at the zoo featuring beers from some of the area’s best breweries (Golden Road, El Segundo Brewing Co, Firestone Walker, STONE, Cistamonte, Black Market, and MOOOORE), live bands, comedians, and “pub-style grub.”

Cost: $40 PreSale, $45 at the Door, $20 for DDs

Deets: Your ticket will get you entry + 12 drink tickets and a wee bittle beer mug that holds 4.5oz pours.


Be there or be square.

And no one wants to be square. They would much rather be drunk + fluid and amorphous, right?


LA Brew at the Zoo / 5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles CA / (323) 644-4200 /


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